Sunday, May 28, 2006

Thursday, May 25, 2006

W A I T !

..hold on...
nobody shoots nobody...B)
This is proof that life can change in a split second...i cant believe this is actually happeneing!! not supposed to say anything to anyone...but i'll explode if i dont talk...n lets face it..none of u knows anything about just say mashaAllah...might happen to u as well....3)
i was depressed,tensed (again!),overloaded,emotionally most of all.I did submit my final project last week,n i was supposed to submit the 3D model on sunday,i had no desire what-so-ever to move a muscle!!...seriously,nothing would make me move....i tried...real hard...
'c''ll bring out the design...will look soo gud!....its just something ur supposed to do,something to do instead of sitting around doing nothing..........................nothing!

i just couldnt convince myself that if professor said he wants a 3D model then i should give him one!!thats....weird!...i know...:p
ba3dein a model "after"all the architectural drwawings......mmm.....lame!...
plus,the fact that my sis is getting married in 2 weeks... do i begin...its soo hectic...her fiance is not here...trillions of stuff to take care of....i wanted to help her out....or at least keep her company....n i had uni...finals coming up(finals are a whole other story!)....n the sad fact that she's going to live abroad so i wanted to spend as much as i could with her....

soo many details!

i couldnt take the pressure.

i wanted this phase to end soo badly...yet i didnt want anything to move....coz i dont wanna lose my sis...:'(....
i cant imagine how will it be when she leaves...
my other sister did get married...n i did suffer...but i had this other sister to console me....since then,we shared everything,i always say im not into the idea of sharing everthing,i like being alone she wouldnt leave about to 5alas!

all of a sudden...a midnight...7 minutes,or less,n i dont have to deal with any of those things anymore!
I have to be in Canada next week

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Monday, May 22, 2006


These are forms of self expression , i always end up with something slightly different than what i have in mind.
Re-use of a 50's house

Bank Branch Design

hmmm..i need to find a better way to make a portfolio!

unsatisfying freedom...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

What would u chose...


The point of the so called "sketch design"
Getting u there on time....for a change!
Attendence(when 80% of the student are not there yet)
Doctor storming into the class like he's some sort of celebrity(not that i approve of that for celebrities)...
Doctor getting out some frustration :
  • Making sure his assistant was smart enough to take the right attendence...attendance again.
  • handing out papers with imaginary requierements (considering quality and quantity).
  • explaining a couple of spice it up..
  • reminding us that we're the lousiest class beginning to think is his way of motivating us to work harder...
  • announcing the deadline,followed by some warnings and threats...
  • answering 'few of' the questions asked rudly "with disrespect".
  • adding a final glance of hatred before running out with people interupting and following from all over....not having the decency to stop and listen to them(i'd rather not comment on that)...

Useless,creepy-looking assistant sitting stiff like a stuffed animal( though not cute) staring at as 70% of the time.

stamping our sheets....and writing our numbers...which..somehow makes u feel like sheep...(the challenge...teaching the assistant to do so)

Assistant begging us to submit our work

Doc walking in,to burst out in anger...!basically,because no one listans to the poor assistant which makes the total number of students sticking to the dealine...around 10...

OUR doctor...finally making an appearance...for no specific reason...but to assure us that he will accept our everyone put their sheets on a table....(ha!)

before u go home mentally and physically exausted...having lost faith in urself... either completeing a crooked silly design with all the requierements..OR...a design...(only a plan)...ur not that happy with either....which...believe me...makes u reconsider ur view of life in general...

Running around with the attendence sheet(which is all he's got).....Doctor comes in again to find all sheets piled on one table...he(and the students) start ranting and complaining...for he signs all sheets as LATE!


Monday, May 01, 2006


My friend thinks there's a good reason (7ikmeh) why i dont have a digital camera (yet!)
I think she knows what she's talking about!
what do u think?

i AM proud of it!
The underground....supposed to live there,but....
My beloved on a rainy day...'sigh'
All great things are pure coincidence (didnt take that one)
A loong exam no one knows nothing about,and the paper architects!
This...means something big..u figure it out..
This looks a lot like me when im pissed off . i LOVE her!
yeah...we do that to our fingers!
who would ever think this photo was taken at the JU at 7 : 57 a.m.?!
I actually think that pitures means something...i do!
Exploring with colors...i could get high on colors!

C r o o o o k e d

No one said it has to be black , i mean , i'll never figure it out , but , they just automatically give themselves rights . I need to start , coz , how could this possibly be normal??!?!! wont continue like that,it cant! . I dont need it ,i should stop. I never thought of her as that kind of person.
each sentence is associated with a different about confusion!