Tuesday, December 01, 2009

say you want to travel the world. how do you make it happen?

and no. things are not as simple as pack and leave :)


Anonymous Fadi K said...

Hi , that's a question I've been trying to answer for years. The best I got out with is get into the type of job that will end you up in an international business. You're an architect I believe and this opens up doors for such opportunities.

It's a long road to choose and you have to loose your feeling of time.

4:09 PM  
Blogger Dozz said...

yeah thats an option. but not a valid one now..what i mean - min mabda2 its either you are doing exactly what you want or you're planning it and preparing yourself so that when they day arrives. you're ready..how does one get ready to travel around

2:06 AM  
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Anonymous Fadi K said...

Hi Dozz ..

I thought you are busy traveling the world ... No new posts for 2.5 months ...

7:49 PM  
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