Friday, November 27, 2009

my lovely midnight hour - the good the bad. and the ugly

you just realize. ugly feelings every now and then are a must for those who struggle to stay humane..

there are plenty of options actually. you can shut yourself up. not allow yourself to feel at all. this way you can be sure it'll never get you good or bad. you'll never get a taste of the beauty all around. and you'll probably never sense the ugliness. you survive

you can let it all in. the more you inhale the more you resent the ugliness that comes along. this results in giving in at some point and you tart numbing yourself. so the good doesn't interest you. the bad and ugly just pass by..and you survive

in the end. you must let it all in. the good. the bad and the ugly. the good will feel so darn good. it'll hit you hard and stimulate more good - both ways - and it will certainly be worth taking full dosage of the bad and the ugly.
surviving is not enough

oh and. commas are seriously too messy


Anonymous Eve said...

Just surviving is never an option.. if you want ur life to count..
sometimes we forget how to appreciate the beauty around if ugliness disappears..
u see.. it's all abt this contrast.
at this point.. the least one can do.. is not add more ugliness for it's stacked as is all around..

couldn't agree more abt commas..:P

1:28 PM  
Blogger Uouo Uo said...

thank you

سعودي اوتو

4:55 PM  

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