Monday, April 30, 2007


Sunday, April 29, 2007


Looks like...everything in this world revolves around the same thing...
consider this...i wake up,wake up is openning my eyes,which requires some sort of mechanism,mechanics is exactly why and how i woke up,and its also in the report i have to deliver next week,its in my design concept,in thermal and physical comfort...out of that need..

i turn on lights,lights brings me back to those windows,to chamfered ends...and to a song that says "the more you see the less you know,the less you find out as you go"...which applies in every aspect of my life,like the fact that she'll never find out she was out of line...does she have to stick to the line..?...but, intersecting lines are not all that bad..its just closed loops represent more control,both in air ducts...and in life...i need more control...most of all,control over what im saying......what AM I saying??!?


oh and on second thought...this sounds like dozzism in my case,and every single person's name with an -ism