Friday, July 18, 2008


not B
not T
not F
not E
not S
and certainly not an A

then what the hell am I?

Sunday, July 06, 2008

the divine balance

a humanist once stated, that humans are most at peace when the 'real self', 'the perceived self',and the 'ideal self' are most congruent.

'note that they are three separate entities'!

the real self represents who the person is,genetically....a person's most natural spontaneous evolution
[if it ever happens and of course it never does] ...
the ideal self is the self one creates with his/her own standards,what they should be...
and then comes the 'perceived self'...
'who do u think you are?!'

i find it hilarious that there's such a huge gap between those three for most human beings, i also cant believe i'm writing a lecture-like post on my blog...but then,what do i really know about me,let alone my blog!

although i always thought i've got a very clear set of standards and ideals,which i established during my last year of school,when i spent most of my time clutching a book and walking around tables....people worried and studied,i meditated and dreamt.

so,what i can do is,keep stating the things i like and i dont like,and hope that i,people,and the other i agree...:P...i like popcorn,i like empty notebooks,i dont like hip-hop,i like curly hair,i like colors,i dont like dishonesty,i like textures,i like serenity,i dont like ordinary,i dont like meat,i like sleep,so im gonna sleep...i will go on with this for some time..until i know whether i appreciate the beauty at the ned of the street or not.