Tuesday, May 29, 2007


was talking to myself 2 minutes ago , so passionately...that i thought why not write it down here so i wont forget what was i thinking in this phase of my life-as i always do.....like now,i cant remember how was it like a year ago....
anyway...i was talking about names...they'r giving me hard times lately that i was trying to convince myself that names dont mean a thing...right?....i mean,whats in a name?...its just a couple of letters in a certain configuration....i did read once that emphasizing on peoples' names gets them high....but am i the kind of person who cares to boost people's self esteem...not really..i reached this point,where i cant tell the difference between the people i see daily,but never had any conversation with,and the ones that i chatted with once or twice....since i cant recall the names of both categories....oh well...if you happen to not know me and i suddenly gave you a big smile and started talking...now you know where i come from.
speaking of people....i never realized how hard it is surviving in this world without projects...turns out my projects...are my savior....if it wasn't for them,i'd be stuck in a vicious loop of people and food my whole life.....and THAT.........would be scary.

Bottom line is,the name-directory seems to be missing in my brains....im not sure if it can be retrieved.

oh n'
any idea on 'HOW' one does stop dreaming and building imaginary castles,and actually work?!


Anonymous Eva.. said...

I dn't thnk u should ever stop dreaming, that's one of the few things which is keeping alive, and if u rn't working on any of them to come true.. then i guess they rn't strong enough to go for after all..
n hey.. that's an interesting topic u have here.. names.. u r r8 in some ways.. they r just letters.. but after all.. all words are, the difference is.. that this particular name belongs to u... and it's just out of respect and love that appriciate thier names..
if u don't care for others.. then don't expect others to care for u.. not to sound rude or anythng..
there's sth snobbish abt this..

2:38 PM  
Blogger Dozz said...

the thing is,if what i dream about isnt strong enough to go for,then what is?
as for people,its not really like that..consider this :
It takes a lot of me to remember a name,not just for people,same goes for places and buildings,but..!
If someone or something leaves a strong impression on me,i certainly do remember,and i dont mind showing it,im just not willing to fake it - and have a hard time doing that!- just to make people feel good about themselves,it not right,and its certainly not me...

12:27 PM  
Anonymous eva said...

then what is stopping u.??
if it was too big to handle all at once, then break it into pieces, and go for every piece.. one at a time.. n eventually u'll get somewhere...
don't let fate control u, lead it, so that when u get older, u wouldn't have to face the question "what if"... when u could have & should have done it.. but then it would just be too late.

Oh N'
I can totaly relate to where u stand abt names, when u put it that way...
wish u all the best.

12:57 PM  

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